Easing of lockdown restrictions in England from 8th March

Looks like 8th March is the key date for restrictions on outdoor recreation to be eased.

From 8th March: Recreation in a public space - such as a park - will be allowed between two people, meaning they would be allowed to sit down for a coffee, drink or picnic

As recreation is allowed between two people you can even fly FPV and have a spotter! :grinning:

Quote taken from this article - Covid-19: Boris Johnson to unveil 'cautious' plan to lift England's lockdown - BBC News


Can’t wait to get out and fly my mini 2, ive also brought a XK A800 RC plane so looking forward to getting that in the air!!

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Yeah - let’s all rush out and see how quickly we can force another lockdown!



Do you want to stay locked down forever???


This change to allow recreation again from 8th March is confirmed in the government’s official “roadmap”, see page 31 or clause 93.

Weirdly, they still describe that as “Stay at Home”.

The Rule of 6 is planned to apply again from 29th March, if anyone is thinking of organising a (socially distanced) drone meet-up again.