East London flying locations


Hi all, does any one know of any good locations in east London to fly,


Have you checked our map of where people have flown in the past?


I personally use big parks like Victoria park, Wanstead flats, Leyton flats near Whipps cross.


Have you encountered any problems at Victoria Park?


Not up to now. I tend to use the open spaces. In fact I have a video on YouTube filmed in Victoria park.


Thanks guys, great footage of Vicky park, I’m new to flying quads, just taken it up as a hobby. Checked out your where to fly locations and they look super!, I’ve done the usual locations, Vicky park, mabley green, Trent park, well street common, Richmond flying fields, I’m looking to upload some footage my self on YouTube soon.


Guys, you do know that’s restricted airspace don’t you?