East London flying locations

Hi all, does any one know of any good locations in east London to fly,

Have you checked our map of where people have flown in the past?

I personally use big parks like Victoria park, Wanstead flats, Leyton flats near Whipps cross.


Have you encountered any problems at Victoria Park?

Not up to now. I tend to use the open spaces. In fact I have a video on YouTube filmed in Victoria park.


Guys, you do know that’s restricted airspace don’t you?

Almost impossible. Victoria Park is a no-no. Epping Forest is a big no-no. The constables WILL prosecute.

Not to mention controlled airspace - so the real plod will hunt you down as well.

As a first step get the NATS app - that will help you a lot.
Second step - get a bit out of town. There’s loads of places outside M25.

Yep trying to find somewhere legally in east London is a bit tricky.

City of London By Laws covering Epping forest:

Had a look at Chingford Flying club - Really small patch dedicated for drones / Multi-Rotors

Wanstead Flats Flying club - need to be a member for a least a year and even then its about £120 a year

Agree with @weicon, get out of london, coast’s and feilds.

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Does anyone know if Fairlop Waters Country Park is ok to fly in? I couldn’t find anything to say it wasn’t. Good open area and has a nice lake.

I wonder if Victoria Park being restricted has changed? In the UAS restriction map at NATS UK | UAS Restriction Zones I don’t see a restriction covering any part of Victoria Park.

What not check our very own and far superior DroneScene resource

The only restriction I see covering Victoria Park is THE SPECIFIED AREA. From what I understand from various sources such as What is the Specified Area within London? and this post , this applies to helicopters, and not to the kind of drones usually discussed on this forum.

For THE SPECIFIED AREA, DroneScene just says “The flight of aircraft within this area is restricted in accordance with certain specified conditions” followed by even more generic boilerplate, but does not explain the “certain specified conditions”.

However Victoria Park is in Tower Hamlets, which bans TOAL in its parks.

Having looked at the byelaws covering flying in and around epping forest, no law specifically mentions drones, only ‘model aircraft’. Is this a catch-all for every type of unmanned flying?
Secondly, do the laws only apply to TOAL or is the actual airspace controlled? There are no restrictions on any map that I’ve seen.


Hi robwestpix. Did you get any info that answers your query? I live right next to Epping Forest and would love to fly my drone over and get video shots. It’s not clear to me: 1. If Corporation of London Epping Forest byelaws covering “model aircraft” also covers drones. I suspect not and that this byelaw was written long before drones came into use. But the Corporation might argue differently. 2. Whether anyone/organisation can legally impose restrictions/prohibits on airspace above their land, other the the CAA.

They can’t.

Thanks Chris. That’s what i thought but as I’m only just starting I wanted to be sure!