(East) Midlands Meetup this Sunday (20th March 2022)

The weather’s looking like being too good not to be out flying somewhere.

Son’s just announced he’s away for the weekend, the Mrs is working all weekend, the World is my lobster!

Who’s up for some crashing? Open to suggestions, although I do like all the space at Harborough, with a small amount of concrete to thrash your quad against if you’re that way inclined.


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Tempted… Will keep an eye on this thread. Should get the Babyhawk radio’d up tomorrow, so be good to have 3 quads! lol!

As a heads up (will make another thread). Keep Sunday 27th free too.

My son has a quarter final rugby match Sunday. Can’t make it

Sunday is out for me, got some house/garden jobs lining up :frowning_face:

Sorry… gotta go and play with my toy soldiers… we’re starting Napoleon’s invasion of Prussia in Spring 1813. It’s only been 2 years since I started planning this… lol…

(which is a lot slower planning than Napoleon did)

Hull FPV have a practice racing day on… I possibly would have considered that if I wasn’t making war.

would love to but off to bulgeria skiing saturday have fun all

No, you. :grin:

Hi @Earwig we would have liked to come but unfortunately we both have tested positive for the dreaded lurgy (covid) luckily not to ill at the moment. Granddaughter likes to share everything. Have fun Jon&Denise :man_mage: :owl:

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