Ebay Voucher for discount upto £75


Was going to wait until Black Friday to get an DJI drone but ebay have got a discount code today.

A company called ‘Camera Centre UK’ are in the discount offer. Does anyone know if they are reputable and actually based in the UK. There is a camera shop in Wales, with the same name.

Has anyone bought from this shop?


ps voucher is POCKET20

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Hi Rob Ive not used them but with a quick google search ‘Camera Centre UK review’ it looks like it has great ratings. Also when you open the ebay shop and click ‘about us’ it says they are based in Wales with a shop in Cardiff and a shop in Newport. It also says they use only UK stock. 20 percent off upto £75 sounds like a good deal. Hope this helps :+1:t2:

Just to add if youre still not sure if its legit the Cardiff shop is open Sundays from 10:30-16:30 so you could give them a quick call to confirm its their ebay shop youre looking at and that their stock ships from UK :+1:t2:

Got a link to the eBay store you can share @merlincat ?


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Ohhh, I’ve misunderstood.

I thought the voucher was for 20% off just that store.

Turns out it’s a generic voucher for 20% off 138,586 items from all manner of stores :rofl:


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I’ve noticed that sellers bump their prices up when these discounts become available. Make sure to check.

Bumped over RRP.

Still a saving nonetheless.

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Bought my Mavic Mini Flymore package from Camera Centre UK a couple of weeks ago. Used the Cardiff shop and with no special offers it was £10 less than rrp. Service was very good and its a family business - gets my vote :+1:t2: :+1:t2: :+1:t2:


Bought various things from them a few times (mainly on Amazon). They’re rarely the cheapest but never had a problem with them.

Hi there,

Looks like a great store then. Unfortunately I had a hectic afternoon, so missed the offer now. Will keep an eye out though.

Good to know they are in the UK .



I know this is late, but as a Bridgend boy (Cardiff is 20’ish miles away) then I can confirm this is a real shop, that sells real kit and has been around for a while.

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