Edinburgh Fly

As today looks amazing does anyone have any suggestions for a good flying spot later this afternoon, and for later tonight when the sun shines nicely?



There’s a whole bunch of places on this area of Drone Scene that other members recommend:


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Why’s dronescene & drone assist so different?

Because DroneScene defaults to not show Class-D Airspace (but that layer is available to be switched on) … since it doesn’t impact our flying below 400ft.

More info on that here.


yeh that’s the problem I’ve been having thinking am I ok to fly these places

I flew yesterday near Edinburgh.

The weather on the day did not fulfil the wildly optimistic expectations - it rained, and it was not the warmest day of the year.

However, there were moments:

This is near Carlops, in the Pentland Hills.

Apart from following the Drone Code in general, and specifically avoiding the prison and the airport, there are lots of place to fly around Edinburgh…

Napier University from Craiglockhart Hill (West):

Hermitage of Braid, near Morningside:

The two Forth road bridges:

And you can see my film of a flight near The Braids here:



Thanx Andrew

We went up north yesterday so got some great vids of

Loch Ness
Plodda falls
Fort Augustus
Glen finnan viaduct
Glen co
Need to get it all edited but git some nice shots and encouraged our adventures