Ely Cathedral

Quick one this morning, Ely Cathedral unfortunately damp and grey. Note to me: Go back when the sun’s out…


Nice photo @Meljo :+1:t2:

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Thank You :grinning😊

Awesome shot, what drone did you use to get the shot?

Hi, It was a Mavic Pro 2

Ah cool,I got a Mavic 2 Zoom for Christmas, its very different to a Phantom 4

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Very nice, I’ve always wanted to see this from the air after watching a 1960s British Film institute film about the joy of travel, it included the Fens, Norfolk and Suffolk and a nice bit about Ely cathedral.

Hi Brian,

thank you for your reply, you may like this link below:

Thank you, loved the video. Your titles with the MP2 were spot on, the music fitted perfectly. Thank you for allowing me to watch.

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Great shot !

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