Email updates

I normally receive email updates from Drone Club every day , what’s new etc , but not had any since Friday June 14. Has there been any ?

The system shows that the last email was sent to you 17 hours ago.

Might need to check if it’s been diverted to your spam folder?


Checked, nothing in my spam folder ? not in " Blacklist " ?

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Hmmm …. I’ll ask @PingSpike to check things he can check in more detail.

Meanwhile …

Anyone else not been getting email updates they would have expected?

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Forced the system to send me an email in response to a DM - and I received it. So that bit’s working and emails are getting out.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Activity Summary emails are going out as they should.

Will get back to you.

Thanks mate :grinning:

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I’m getting them as per usual? This reply sent via email too…

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Got my daily summary email at 04:37 this morning too…

I’ll check it out later @Drifter

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@Drifter everything is being delivered successfully still.


More details:

I can’t offer much help beyond that point as once the email lands with your service provider, we lose visibility of it.

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The FBI and GCHQ, … and WikiLeaks … however … :wink:

Hi guy,s not had a new email since 31/05/19, I do read the information using that old email?

Looking at your profile @jimvfrmoto750 the last Digest email was indeed sent on 31st, which would be right if you’re logging in here every day as the digest emails are only sent when you don’t login.

You’ve also been sent two email notifications of topics replies (three if you count this one I guess :rofl:) since then though, the last being on 9th June.

Thanks Ping, due to the weather all I seem to do is read, which I enjoy.

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Thanks for looking into it for me mate. I will ask my neice to look into it for me, she works in IT . Thanks again.

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No worries @Drifter let us know if we can provide any more details which may help you and her get to the bottom of it :blush:

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Hi , got another update yesterday 22nd . I had went into my settings RE emails of group, changed one setting ( which was the wrong one ) changed it back , next day got update. Lets see how it goes . Thanks again mate.