Emax nanohawk or something else?

So what is the best quad for flying indoors when its grim outside? The reviews on this one suggest the props aren’t that great … . … What are the competitors?

I fly the Eashine US65PRO with a 50% throttle reduction it’s a powerful little whoop that runs on 2s (2x 1s like the TH but the smaller thinner packs)

Here is the link to the Eashine US65PRO from banggood. Click here

I had a snapper6. It’s a whoop with an aluminium frame with brushless motors. Brilliant indoors and outside. But I blew it up.
I now have a qx65 brushed motor whoop, that’s only good for indoors and the cheapest one out there I think. But mine’s in bits and can’t be bothered to fix it.
You can’t do acrobatics indoors, so you might get bored quickly with it

I like the 200mw tx on the nano hawk, and the runcam camera… Just a bit worried about the dodgy props

Swap them out for some Gemfan props :ok_hand:t2:

I use these they should fit the Nanohawk

If those fit, that may have swung it…

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They are 65mm they are what I use in my US65PRO :ok_hand:t2: