Emergency Propeller Stop?

Apologies if this has been asked previously, but do members generally have their controller Emergency Propeller Stop setting on or off?

I hadn’t realised there was an option until a few weeks back, being new to the hobby (September).

When I saw that there was, it occurred to me that the damage to my DJI Mini 2 when it went into the leaves of a tree from a gust of a wind - I now use the UAV Forecast app before each flight! - may not have occurred if the setting had been at “off“
as I’m pretty sure that it was the fall to the ground that caused a broken motor arm.

I can see the default to ‘on’ is a safety feature but it’s a shame in my case the motors didn’t restart during the fall…

Cheers and a Happy New Year - and good flying!

The emergency motor stop will only activate if you move both sticks in and down at the same time. Wind blowing your drone into a tree is always going to bring your drone to a stop weather or not this setting is enabled or not.

The on-board gyro will detect the drone is no longer level beyond normal operation and will stop the motors regardless.


I would have mine off but I guess its a case of what your own thoughts are , I’ve seen a video on here of someone I think hitting the ground and it fell off a cliff but he restarted it and got the drone back up on land

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