Emergency Responce Drone Pilot Award

May be of interest to some


Sounds good but I wonder how you get a GVC in 5 days - I thought you had to submit an Operations Manual for CAA approval prior to be issued with a GVC :man_shrugging: :thinking:

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The best part of 850 quid is a very expensive course. You don’t need the A2 to get your GVC, as the GVC covers everything the A2 does but in greater depth.

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@jhdee You receive the certificate after you have completed the exam and practical flight test. If you want to use that certificate to get an OA from the CAA then you need to create and submit an operations manual to the CAA along with the certification. The GVC and OA are different entities.

Agreed - but a a GVC without an OA has very little use and having a GVC will certainly not get you an OA within 5 days. Just feels its a little misleading. Also, to do your flight test for a GVC you should be tested against your Operations Manual as these vary between different operations.

Will RLSS UK pay the nearly £300 to the CAA for the OA (and the annual renewal rate, and the cost of updating the manual), as the authorisation will be based on SAR and life saving and not the normal user’s commercial use for the (very) expensive equipment to be used. Will they also pay the insurance for the aforementioned very expensive equipment