Enabling Remote ID on a DJI Mavic 3 in Europe

Has anyone got remote id working in a DJI drone for use in an EASA country?
Im sitting in the campervan in France trying to get my Mavic 3 remote id sorted. The drone is registered with Alpha Tango and has a UAS-FR- number. According to DJI entereing this in the Remote ID tab (which doesnt seem to come up until the drone sees its in an EASA country, like getting it C1 classified) under Safety in the Fly app should be it. It brings up an error saying wrong format which indeed is nothing like the format shown as an example on the app. Others say its the drone serial number with a three digit secret code after. This would fit in with the example on the Fly app but I cant get the code from Alph Tango
Getting really pissed off with it now so any help much appreciated.

I know very little about this but did see something on this the other day are you connected to WiFi ?
Maybe check out this video as he explains activating RID in easa countries not 100% sure but maybe might answer your question,

Thanks for the reply Kirky. Yes Ive seen that video its where I saw about the secret code. I think I need to contact Alpha Tango and check to see where you get the code. The whole things a mess. Luckily I ve got Mini 4 Pro with me so not stuck for flying.

OK, got this sorted finally.
So I now have my Mavic 3 C1 classed and remote id working for EASA countries which gives a lot more freedom for flying.
Firstly you need to register the drone with AlphaTango answering all the questions. Then you will see a tab called My Aircraft. Click on the drone you want to see the details on. This will bring up all sorts of bumph including a reference for the drone which will be UAS-FR-followed by a six figure number. My understanding is that this should be on the drone as well as your EASA operator id.
Logically you would think that the code to be entered into the Remote ID tab in the Fly app would be somewhere in this information. But it isn’t.
After about an hour of searching around on the AT site I eventually found it tucked away under “My Operator Activity”. There it is, “Code to be entered into the remote id device” An alphanumerical string followed by a dash and another three letter code which is the secret bit for you personally.
After entering all this into the Fly app the magic words “code accepted” appeared within seconds. Note that your secret personal bit does not appear in the app to keep it safe.
Hope this helps anyone trying to do the same.
Why the hell DJI wont let you do this without the drone being in an EASA geographical area I don’t get. So much easier to do it at home in the UK.
One point is the controller obviously needs an internet connection for contact with the DJI servers.
I did mine on an RC controller but I assume it will be the same for the RCN.