End Of Summer

Hi all.

Thanks to some members on here, in particular the guy who posted the big ships videos, I was inspired to head down to Portsmouth.

I’ve only had my 2nd hand Mavic Air 1 a couple of weeks. It’s an impressive bit of kit !

This video was shot on Eastney Beach, plenty of space from people for take off, away from built up areas by 150m and always 50m above or away from people too.

I’d hoped to see some big ships passing but no luck this time. It was still a pleasant hour or so playing though.

To be honest, I think it’s the editing side that I find most fun. I am yet to try using a LUT and would particularly welcome any thoughts on how you would improve the video.
I shot in 4k 30fps, with an ND16PL filter on and shutter set to 1/60. But, it was still a bit over exposed at times, would I be better using the filter but leaving the camera on auto?

Great forum folks, I’m learning a lot reading it and being inspired by all the great videos.

(ps. title is from the sound track, sourced from youtube library)



Nice vid and glad you came down for a fly! For ships, try the marine tracker app! Gives you a good idea of whats about!


Thanks Richard.

I’m not far away really, only in Newbury about an hour away, so I will be down again.

I will check out that app, cheers.



Tried the app now Richard, it’s very interesting ! Thanks again.

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