End of the 1,000 ft FPV exemption?

Hello all,
I had a question posted on today’s video, about the continued FPV exemption that was originally reported as being unaffected by the new regulations. However on double checking, I’ve found that the height limit has indeed been reduced to 400 feet, from 1,000 feet.

ORSA 1226 (which allowed 1,000’) was replaced today with ORSA 1273, which now specifically limits the max height to 400’ as well for the exemption. ORS4 No.1273: Small Unmanned Aircraft - First Person View (FPV) Flying

So that’s a bit of a shame.

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That certainly seems to go contrary to what BMFA and FPVUK said they were expecting!

Not being a FPV user, is there any point in there a need for the ORSA 1273 as the 400ft regulations seem to be exactly the for everyone - or is it to allow a person to use goggles with a buddy rather than just VLOS?

It’s needed as technically you’re breaking the VLOS rule if you have goggles on. That’s the only reason I can see for it now; as you say, it’s the same for everyone.


Thanks Ian, I thought that might be the case. Maybe there was a typo!!!