Error Code -43 - Copying from M2P Internal Memory


I had three movies on my internal Mavic 2 Pro memory but when connected to the computer I get the following message:
"The operation can’t be completed because one or more required items can’t be found.
(Error code -43)"
I can’t copy them anywhere or view.
Do I need to control that particular data from the remote?
Does anyone know what’s going on please?


Have you installed the latest Assistant 2 for the M2P?

If not, I’d try that, because that may install drivers that are needed for correct connection.

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This is a Mac thing isn’t it?

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No I haven’t but I think I just solved it.
Turn the M2P off and on again and voilá


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Hi Lee

Yes it is a Mac.
I did switch the M2P off and on again and it allowed me to copy them to desktop


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Glad its sorted. IIRC it’s normally if it thinks the file is in use already. Power Cycling seems to have sorted it.

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Yes it sounds like it.


This sums it up well


My favourite HaHaHa

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