Essex Noob

Hey all, just signed up to this website/forum/club as its one of the only drone/fpv forums that isn’t smothered with adverts lol! And is UK based which helps loads!!

Anyway little about us: I fly with my kids, we bought some 65mm whoops for xmas’18 and have been hooked ever since, its gone from a £80 xmas present to buying fat shark attitude v5, 9xd+, 2nd hand snapper 6/7, 5" matek which we haven’t flown outside yet, betafpv pro 2 plus some silverware RTF versions from amazon. Looking add a few other bits and bobs and get out and about with the kids and really start to work on our freestyle flying. I’m quite strict with the kids and FPV and cam usage RE their eyesight etc… so that holds as back a little and we mainly fly LoS indoors doing little challenges etc. Anyway looking for any and all advice available etc and some good quiet spots to fly in Essex etc Looking forward to becoming part of the community!


Welcome :wave:
Good to have you on board

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Hi Fly
Mmm that sounds funny ?
Welcome to the madhouse we aim to please but not like a brothel …

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Thanks folks, lovely warm welcome!

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Hi Fly,
Welcome to the forum.
Just looked at the Snapper.
That thing really shifts and seems to bounce well from crashes.

Seems like you are all having a lot of fun with it. Obstacle courses are a good way to learn to fly!

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Yeah some of these tiny whoops are soo resilient! I’ve spent a lot lately however I really really want to pick up a couple of those tiny hawkS to see how they handle!

I use VeloCidrone and liftOff as well so I need to decide if my next purchase is that or a headset I can hook up to the pc!!! Just starting to get a grip with rubix cubes etc which makes such a difference to my air time. It’s even harder cause I don’t have a big living room so flying acro inside the house is a headache but slowly getting there

Just need to find a few flying friendly spots near me to in Essex and then I’m away!!!

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I’m sure members around you will help with that.

Around here, Suffolk, they are banned for council owned areas. That might not be the case near you. Worth checking out!

That snapper looks well mental…

Welcome to the forum and I hope you find somewhere to fly.

Welcome Fly

Thanks guys

Looking forward to get to know you all you and your projects and what your into and stuff

How long have you all been flying? Also is anyone up for any random Velocidrone or liftoff league or tournaments? Is there anything like that already?

Greetings to you Fly, and welcome to the best Drone Forum on planet earth. Hope we can all serve you well. Brand new myself and been overwhelmed by kindness and very helpful drone enthusiasts on here. All the best.

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