Etihad stadium


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NFZs unlocked?

Not saying anything about the empty seats.

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Yes, did it the day before save any messing around on the day

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Hi Andy

I’ve just seen your video of your footage over the Etihad Stadium, I’m new to drones in fact I’m still waiting to take delivery but I am interested in what the procedure is to fly above stadiums. I have read a lot that they have flight restrictions which of course going by the video they don’t all the time. So is there a process I’d need to follow to get permission to fly above/over a stadium?

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No permissions needed.
Just follow the drone code, if you are using a DJI drone, unlock the zones either before you fly, or when you try to take off. You will need a sub 250 gram drone to do it legally as far as I am aware. Anything above that weight, other things come into effect like built up areas. Stuff I dont need to worry about with the mini 2, so Im not that clued up on that anymore.

Obviously don’t fly when there’s a match on as you cant fly over crowds.

And be prepared to be told you cant fly your drone there by any security that might come and interfere with your flight.


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Hi Andy

Thank you for getting back to me, so it’s a Mini 2 that I’m waiting for so I’m that case I should be alright providing I follow the rules obviously.

I’m guessing that would that be the same for other stadiums as well mate?

Thanks again

Premier league yes.

Check out our very own DroneScene for more details

Thank you Andy, will do.

Appreciate it