European drone flying

Hi there folks, I hope to pick your brains if you don’t mind. I’m a fairly newly qualified drone flyer/operator having my flyer id and operator id for the UK. It’s my intention to also fly in Europe but I’m getting bogged down trying to find out how or where to take the test. I’m an old guy (68) so learning does not come easy to me now. Is there anyone who could help me find out how to qualify for European operations. I would even pay for one to one tuition. Thank you in advance… Nobby

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Hi @Nobbynomad, it looks as though you’re quite new here :wave:t2:

Why not nip over to the Introductions page, and say hello properly and tell us a bit about yourself. :+1:t2:

As for flying in Europe, please see link below.

Thanks for the rapid reply, I couldn’t find the link to the Luxembourg training facility, could you please give me a name.

This is the site I used.

In English and free (and relatively straightforward)

Thank you BudgieUK I’ll take a peek tomorrow. I’m all droned out at the moment.

Thanks for posting this. I promptly logged in there and did the A1-A3 course, all very straightforward and I now have my certificate. :grinning: Hoping to get some stills photography done in Belgium and the Netherlands this summer.
One daft query. The coure talked about the term ‘Operator ID’ which we are all familiar with, but the ID shown on the certificate, starting ‘LUX’, is shown as a ‘registration number’. I presume that is indeed the EU Operator ID that I need to show on my drone?

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If you mean the certificate for A1-A3, no, that is your flyer ID.

OK thanks for clarifying that.
I had a grope around the site and deduced I needed to contact the Lux equivalent of the CAA, so I’ve emailed them. Presume there isn’t a quicker way?!

I don’t know, I did mine via the Cyprus CAA. :slight_smile:

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The operator’s registration number, is made up of a 3-character code representing the country and 13 alphanumeric characters. If this is what you have, it is the number that should be stuck to your UAV