Everything must go

Following a serious illness over Christmas I have decided to sell my gear. I’ve been kidding myself that I’d be well enough to take it out but it isn’t happening.

DJI Mavic Pro with all the gubbins, case charger etc
Hard case for the Pro
DJI Crystalsky (the bigger one) with charging unit and two batteries.
Landing / take off pad (unused)
Hard case for the Crystalsky
PolarPro case for Crystalsky
Mounting thing for the controller and Crystalsky
Charging unit for Mavic batteries
Misc items (extra props, maybe some nd filters, leg extensions etc)

Looking for reasonable offers bearing in mind its around 2k worth. I will split the drone and crystalsky but am not selling individual bits.

Can be seen / collected from Newcastle upon Tyne area


Sorry to hear that. Good luck with the sale, I’m sure I speak for everyone wishing you the best and hopefully a speedy recovery.


Sorry to hear Nigel mate :confused:

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I sent a private message, hope you got it, but if not I would be interested in the Crystalsky and it’s bits and pieces.

Sorry to hear that you are too unwell to get out and about to fly, hope you get better soon.

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Nigel, Sorry to hear about your health problems.
Are you able to get out and about?, I am sure a couple of us could make a trip up the A1 and take you out for a fly round if you fancy it.
Drop me a pm anytime and we can sort something out.
Fingers crossed your health improves.


that’s very kind of you mick. I’m still pretty much housebound but I’m slowly building up my strength. It will improve it’s just a long slow haul

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Sent you a pm mate

Nigel, I am very sorry indeed to hear about you having had ill health, and I do understand about the very difficult decision you’ve taken in getting rid of your gear.
I honestly wish you all the very best. And hope you can make some sort of recovery.
As for the sale, good luck and don’t forget it’s only hardware, you get to keep all the fantastic memories and footage you have taken.
God speed, my friend.
Take care

Sorry to hear it.
What is left from your list?