Exception for Do Not Disturb mode

I have just (after reading about it here and there) put Do Not Disturb into my mobile phone options.

I assume it’s best to set the phone to this when flying?

I have added to the exceptions the DJI Fly app, and Drone Assist app. I guess this is the logical thing to do?

I’ve not flown the Mini 3 Pro with DND turned on yet, but I expect it will be better doing this every time (or do most of you not bother)?


Put it in airplane mode, this will switch off wifi, bluetooth, and data connection. I keep it off all of the time on the tablet. If I need to use my mobile I ALWAYS put it in airplane mode. No chance of interference that way. I’m guessing the DND wont actually switch these off?

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What phone are you using?

At this moment in time a Samsung S20 Plus, but i may be changing to the Samsung S23 (Ultra, possibly) later today or this week…


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For Andriod Devices do as Darren says

If it’s only in airplane mode won’t you still get all your calendar and other reminders going off and interrupting you?

That’s what I thought - hence the DND seemed more useful?

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The “notifications” you want to get in the FlyApp are “within the app” … not typical phone notifications (calendar, twitter, etc that appear at the top of the phone screen), so you probably don’t need to exclude the app from DND.

Nothing beats keeping an old phone as a stripped back drone-phone with the bare essentials installed only. (No SIM either, in my case.)


It can depend on the phone and version of android

You are always best to apply airplane mode with the DJI fly app also force close everything else and if you want put it in DND

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@Bilbo Just 1 thing to remember, if you get permission to fly within a FRZ then you need to keep your phone active in case the relevant ATC need to contact you.

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