Experimenting with night shots

Just wanted to share one of my night shots I’ve been experimenting with, this was taken tonight 20/12/17 over Newtown, Mid Wales

ISO 100, Exposure 2 sec’s


Great shot :slight_smile: Not tried any myself yet. My new years resolution is to start getting out more with the drone!

Yeah thanks Andy, the Mavic really does get me out of the house.

I will continue to add any of my night shots here for anyone that maybe interested.

Here’s another taken tonight:

If anyone else wants to share their night shots I would love to see them!


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are they all from the Mavic any filters?

I haven’t done any night flights any tips?

All taken with the Mavic yes, no filters used.

These were all taken with the same settings, ISO 100, exposure 2secs. Shot in RAW, image size 4:3, AWB, style -1 +1 +1, color D-Cinelike.

With a little post editing in Photoshop with things like color levels, brightness, sharpness etc.

Hope that is helpful in some way


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Amazing pics @FuzLogix :smiley:

Worthy of the Night Flyer badge for sure :+1:

I’ve always struggled with focus at night time so thanks for sharing these settings, I’ll have to have another go!

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Great shots. I’ve also not tried any yet - keeping the Mavic in sight worries me a little. Went to a very nice Christmas Lights display at a local(ish) stately home, Sudeley Castle, and thought they would make a nice subject, though lots of trees about. I did toy with the idea of asking about a flight, but I think I need to practice first!

Thanks for the recommended settings @FuzLogix

“well cool”, I’m yet to try nights; great shot.

Thanks guys for the comments :slight_smile:

I should also mention that when flying at night im using 3 Strobon Cree lights to keep LOS at all times, I have 1 red light on the left “wing” 1 green on the right and a white on the rear.

This allows me and others to see the craft clearly at night at massive distances, in fact I can keep LOS easier at night than day with these lights.

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How are you attaching them on im trying to customise a holder for them.

I got 3d printed holders, got them with the lights from the states, wasn’t cheap and Im not overly impressed with them so I wont be adding a link. I’m looking out for some better one’s so if anyone knows of any do share :+1:

My Venture with navigation lights

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