External battery pack for DJI Smart Controller

When I bought the M2P, I opted for the dedicated smart controller.

When out in the field, battery life is a bit of an issue. I have plenty of M2P batteries, but the battery life on the controller is my main issue at the moment.

Can anyone recommend an external battery pack that I can use to keep the controller continually charged? I have tried using my Zendure A6PD but it doesn’t seem to kick out enough power for some reason.

Any suggestions for my battery anxiety?

How long do you need the power bank to last?

And what would you consider an acceptable weight for said power bank?

There’s quite literally a power to weight ratio involved here :slight_smile:

I’d like to know I have around 4-5 hours of time really. Usually I’ll park up somewhere and then walk to the TOAL point. So far this distance is no more than 1km. Usually much closer. Any further and I’ll take my Brompton with me :wink:

As long as I am not lugging round a car battery, weight isn’t too big a deal I don’t think…within reason of course.

Any reason why my Zendure unit wouldn’t work? I’m not really up to speed with outputs/powers etc…

My only guess would be that you weren’t using a USB-C to USB-C cable on it? :thinking:

But without knowing what you tried, it’s just that, a random guess :slight_smile:

I’ll try my power bank on my SC and report back.

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The SC does seem very slow to charge though. How long does yours take from a normal plug socket?

I keep an AllPowers Portable Generator in my car which will recharge my SC, all my batteries and even run a coolbox in the summer. It’s not meant to be lugged around (it’s the size and weight of a car battery!), but it’s great for charging when maybe driving between locations.

I just tried my powerbank, it charges up the SC while the SC is powered on, but it’s on a slow charge not a fast charge:

If I use the mains charger it charges faster.

That might be down to my powerbank though, it’s only got USB-A out, so I’m using a USB-A to USB-C lead in this pic to test. But it does charge :man_shrugging:t2:

FYI, on “slow charging mode” it’s simply keeping my SC battery at 96% while turned on / in use.

If you have a powerbank with a higher output level it’ll probably charge the SC just fine, rather than simply maintaining it’s charge. But then again, that’s probably all you need, right?

If I turn off the SC then it does actually charge it, rather than maintain it.

I use this set-up with my Mini 2 with a power bank and it fast charges the battery’s and the controller

I have noticed that sometimes the ‘charging dots’ blink slowly, and sometimes quite quickly. eg if I plug the USB-USBC cable straight into a generic USB socket, the charging dots go quite slowly. If I instead plug that same cable into the 3-pin plug that came with the drone, and put that into a normal plug socket, the blinking is much quicker.

I presume faster blinking means it is charging quicker?

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Yes, there will be a higher output on the mains charger.

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I think the DJI charger charges at 5 amps whilst generic chargers charge at anything from 2 to 3.1 amps.