Falkirk Wheel - Added to Modern Buildings in the Scotland region on the map at DroneScene.co.uk

I have has just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at https://dronescene.co.uk


Another incredible feat of engineering.

I went there a couple of years ago, even went in a boat and up the lift :smiley:

This is on my ‘wannafly’ list, I didn’t have a drone back then :slight_smile:

Drove up today … to find it’s undergoing maintenance. Doh! Looks to be an annual shutdown over the winter months, so worth checking before making the trip (lesson learned).

Also, as I was packing up I was approached by somebody from Scottish Canals telling me that I needed to request permission before flying at any of their sites (including all the canals, the Wheel and the Kelpies). I was outside the boundary fence for the wheel, >100m from the nearest person and well away from the wheel itself, but the wind was picking up and I was done anyway so didn’t feel like arguing the toss.

She said to check their website for the details, which I now have… nothing wrong with my flying at all.

As we all know, they can’t stop you flying over anything.

Shame the stars weren’t aligned for your flight today mate, it’s like bloody summer here today!

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