Fantastic Morning for a Disco

What an utterly fantastic morning! Got up before dawn and did my preflight checks and planning. Made sure everything was fully charged and then headed out to the local heath. Arrived and set up in the field as the sun was rising, and took the Disco for her maiden flight. Everything went very smoothly, but my heart was still pounding after 10 minutes of cruising around just checking out the controls (Wow she’s fast). I have flown fixed wing RC before, this is so easy. Had to make several passes before risking a landing. Overshot by a long way and ended in a puddle.

Rechecked everything then took off again, this time flying out a bit higher and further, second landing was a bit better and closer. It seems quite hard to get used to judging the speed, distance and height for when to press the landing button. A lot of space is needed to learn this I think.

Third launch and I flew around for about 15 minutes this time concentrating more of the screen information. Landed with 32% A/C battery and 42% controller. . With the Moverios I had VLOS and HUD for all the flights. I think the Disco googles will stay in their box unused. Will buy a bigger battery soon I think. Overall a really brilliant experience, worth every penny, and I can’t wait to fly her again. Boogie Days!

After a break I flew 3 batteries with my Mavic Air. Flawless performance and simply a joy to fly but a very different experience. I am glad I have both now!

I am only 2 months in to drone ownership and really focusing on flying, telemetry etc at the moment. Have captured a lot of footage but not yet really looked into video quality and camera settings so everything is very jerky and armature. I am sure that will come as I continue to learn and gain confidence. Not to mention the potential time well that post-production hints at. Not yet ready to post my raw videos, but if I can get the time soon I will post my initial attempts here.

Cheers Everyone - Happy Flying!

David :grinning:


Glad you enjoyed your first flight David. Looking forward to getting mine back out later.

As for the jerky or amateur video, it doesn’t matter too much.
When I’m flying mavic I just enjoy the flight. It’s when editing you pick all the smooth or straight parts and combine them.

Out of 3 batteries worth of video I usually end up with 5 mins of shots that I want to use.

Just have fun

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Great post @Davo_101 :smiley:

So far, I’ve avoided the temptation to invest in even more drone tech, but the more and more fun I see you lot having with these Discos, the more bloody tempted I am :grimacing:

My credit card can’t take any more :cry:

Keep the posts and photos coming though guys. To someone who’s only ever flown quads, this is fascinating stuff! :+1:

Come on you know you want one, just think what it will be like when we have our first Greysrrow FPV meet. There will be “Greyarrow” formation flying with coordinated loops and rolls and knowing the chaps on here I’m sure the Disco will have smoke.

Don’t miss out just injure your wallet it will recover :+1:

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Great stuff David, it’s real nice to read your account of the day, even better to are loving it.
I do agree about space requirement, it’s as though if you are having to think “is there enough space here” at all then the answer is probably no!

I think I will need less space once I have some practice judging speed and approach, but first few times out really recommend finding an open space. Hand launch is a doodle all it needs is a gentle toss, it’s the final approach that requires plenty of contingency for overshooting.

At this price looks like its an end of line sale so will never come around again. @Njoro - If you are on the fence, it’s well worth the punt IMHO. I got into drones for the thrill of flying, didn’t even consider FPV or video at the time, but this is really as close to being a bird as it gets.

I like the idea of a meet sometime … I am Nobby No Mates at the moment. If anyone is in the Midlands at any time I am always happy to meet up and share my flying places. Happy to be part of this community :slight_smile:


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Hey, David I got my Disco last Weekend and maiden was on Monday. I’ll be out as soon as work allows for my next fix :grin:

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Sorry that encouragement was meant for @PingSpike … put it down to over excitement coupled with advancing years.


Here it is - it came out much better than I expected. Great to relive the flight with the ability to review all aspects and re-experience the FPV and learn from my mistakes. Have seen some videos with telemetry overlays, anyone have a good tutorial or some hints and tips?

Thanks for watching - David


Here’s a guide (not mine) to making the overlay on a video

And make sure you have the older version of VIRB Edit here, the pitch and roll don’t work on the latest release




Same flying site but with Mavic Air a little later, its like having a flying carpet. The Disco is like riding on the back of an eagle, its quite an adrenaline rush.

And a still from the Mavic …

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Oh, no is that what I’ve to look forward to? I’m just behind you with the years… anyway no worries mate