Farnborough Hampshire

Hi all, living in Farnborough “home of aviation” I had to get a drone.

Obviously its possibly the worst place in Uk to fly with all the FRZ’s around (I’m literally 1/2 mile from farnborough Airport…)

Any locals or experts with advice? I bought a DJI mini 2 for the sub 250 Gram restrictions benefit and mainly want to do cinematic type filming.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome! I know the feeling well living less than a mile from the runway from LGW.

If have a look at

It will give you the detail on restrictions and where you can and shouldn’t fly.


Welcome David,

I also am 1/2 a mile away from Farnborough airport and have to contend with Blackbushe airport and RAF Odiham FZRs.
With the DJI Mini 2 you have a capable drone for the sub 250g “freedoms”


HI Davo,

I can understand the frustration here as I am also just down the road from Farnbourgh.and there is lots of “unused” land around the airport which would normally be great to fly.

I find heading South of Farnham towards Frensham to be a great place to fly but be wary of dog walkers, especially at this present time!


Hi @Davo David,
Hello and welcome to the club from Sunny Somerset :sun_with_face:
We lived in Cove for many years and I worked at RAE Farnborough. We used to be able to fly my model aircraft on the site but when it got taken over by TAG as the private airfield operators, they didn’t like us flying there so had to fly from Fleet Model aircraft club site. Now we have all the new restrictions its now more difficult to find somewhere to fly around the FRZs. Drone Scene can guide you but you still need to ensure your OK to fly at your chosen locations as its not just the FRZs to watch for :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Hi David and welcome to GADC.

Hi there, I’m also down the road from Farnborough, so you say the best pl3to fly is towards Frensham, can you advise on the location, this would be greatly appreciated.


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Unfortunately Frensham’s rules have changed with regards to flying drones / quads and its no longer allowed. Where do you normally fly?


I haven’t flown anywhere as of yet, and trying to find somewhere close to fly rather than travelling miles🤔. Have you flown anywhere that you can fly?

I tend to have to travel by car to find open fields that dont have any dog walkers – normally towards Hook or Bordon, nowhere near Farnbourgh for obvious reasons. There is also the Drone Club at Popham airstrip where they organise races.

What type of bird do you fly?


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I too am a new flyer (Mini 2) near Farnborough and I never really appreciated how hard it would be to find somewhere to fly, even further south. There doesn’t seem to be a single place that states, drive here then walk here, fly here, etc.

There are lots of crop fields (farmland) not too far south but I never know if I am allowed to fly. I have the apps which show green but who knows that bye laws are in place in any given area.

I often find myself driving in the country side, seeing a lay-by surrounded by open crop fields and think, can I, can’t I, etc. I have my various CAA IDs, know the drone code for sub 250g, etc.

Being new and a novice, any specific places (I.e. where to park) that I can fly would be great.

Would it be easier to find this out if I join a local ish drone club.


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Hi Tonyt67

Did you find somewhere near Farnborough? I have bought the DJI Mini (should be arriving today).

I you do know of anywhere or find somewhere nearby I would be great full for the info.

Have you had a look through dronescene? Members will put places on there where they have flown and list any requirements etc.

Are the red zones on dronescene absolute no-fly-zones? I used UAV Forecast so far, mainly to see what the weather would do. It shows local restrictions and in the area around Farnham/Farnborough there area lot. I found a large sports field which was free from restrictions but not according to dronescene map which has a big red rectangle labelled London Farnborough CTR.
Was also planning to fly at Frensham Common and had the drone with me on bike ride, but was too windy by the time I got there. Now I’m reading that there are restrictions there, but don’t see it flagged on any maps.