Fatshark dominator v3


I have hear my old fatshark dominator v3 Goggles.
Includes case, battery, charging cable.

No module

Looking for £200


How are the new goggles?


Won’t know for sure for a few weeks. And need to withdraw these from sale as I need them now before my birthday.


“My name is Wyntrblue. And I’m an FPV addict”


My name is james and I’m going Flying with painless360 before my birthday


Marked as sold.

Same difference :blush:


They will go back up for sale after my birthday


Nice! Beats letting a teenage girl dump your quad. :rofl: Tried betaflight. Did work straight out the box. Ta. But the gps rescue went towards the railway track. I know now what to expect from Betaflight when I build my next one. But put inav back in and tested it today as finished early. It’s pretty locked now with no wobbles. Feeling Good! I reduced my P and increased the D. And lowered my rates and rate acceleration. Just printing a new mag gps mount as it diverted at speed. Have a blast with painless360!


These are not sold but are back up for sale…

I have changed the foam over to brand new foam off my hdo’s and changed the battery for a brand new one that has a usb charge option.

Price is still £200 inc postage and PayPal fees.