FCC hack for IOS and Android

Hi. This is the method I followed. You must follow each step correctly. If I can do it anyone can.

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Done to my iPad and iPhone, although I don’t use the iPhone for flying anymore.

Just a note, when the app updates, you have to do it all over again.

Thanks for sharing @Goose :+1:

I might give this a try over the weekend :smiley:

Great job, I tried to use other devices with dji go 4 v 4.13 and does not bring up the hidden hack to change the FCC, this made life easy.
As it probably be deleted on updates that I will put the file also on my device in download folder so i can quickly move it over with es file explorer.


Just came back from a FCC Config file test.

today was positioned at the edge of town with obviously a load of interference shown by short distance.

did both tests twice and same results.

Outside town boundary.
with config file 1250m
without config file weak signal at 1110m

inside town boundary
with config file weak signal at 874m
without config file 596m

20+ satellites 5 bars. Full bar continuously.

RTH due to getting repeated weak signal avoid being blocked or adjust the antennas direction and losing video reception.

interested to find out if its only few hundred mtrs that can be managed or is location that is not given true results as inteferance is to strong when config file is installed and its a battle of signal strengh.

i will do another test next week when out in the countryside.

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Good report @ziceman :+1:

I’ve not gotten around to trying this one yet.

Anymore feedback on this or the 1.5w mod?

Pinging @ziceman back in :wink:


He’s not been on for a few weeks, hopefully some others have done this and can chip in.

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Don’t think it works anymore after app version 4.1.12

My iPad is on 4.1.12 and aircraft is on whatever firmware was around in September.
Gave it a try (0.4w) but have noticed no difference.

I’ll test it better in good weather at a place where I previously made 3100m in CE mode.

From what I’ve read anything above 0.5w causes extra heat and risks damage to controller.

Ahh I’m on 4.1.22, think I’ve also read somewhere it won’t work with the MPP

Sorry been flat out have not had the bird out since I’ve lost last one, I have the tracker attached and did road test on that in Wifey’s handbag as she never stops moving lol.

Will when get back to a laptop look into updates and hacks when life settles here.

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Just found this and thought it interesting - no requirement to use an Android first now then…

I’m not going to mod mine but would be interested to hear the difference in range from ones that have. Also presume this would effect warranty?



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Ok so after a little testing this does work - in as far as I can go without an actual Drone!

Basically the app spoofs the GPS on your phone/ipad etc whilst its connected to Xcode (and the app is running in the backgorund of the phone). If you open Googlemaps on the phone it believes your location to be in New York or wherever you set it in xcode.

Presume when you then connect to the Quad it will think you’re in FCC territory accordingly and setup. When you then complete setup and by clicking cancel each time wifi setup comes up it will function exactly as normal but in FCC not CE mode.

Presume this therefore will work with any quad…

Like I said not a mod Im planning to do, nor do i condone such actions and usual disclaimer about staying within the law, and it is not my recommendation to go through this process.