FCC hack using Fake GPS app for DJI Mavic Air 1

Hi : I have a Mavic Air, thought I try this Transmission FCC hack . Now only have a iPhone but borrow a friend android iPhone (Samsung Galaxy A6 ) have downloaded the Dji Go 4 App and Fake GPS App. Now this is where the problem starts : told to mock the GPS app on developer options on the android phone … found it … BUT on there just says ‘ Log output, show TTS output, and mode tree debugging , can’t find GPS MOCK ?? Am I looking at the wrong place ? On diff settings ?
Help please :thinking:. Love to try new transmission

Thank you. Steve .

As far as I remember, when I used to do this with my Spark, after enabling mock GPS in the phones Developer settings you start the mock GPS APP and select any location on the other side of the Atlantic. Now fire up your drone as normal “but indoors as you don’t want a real GPS fix”. The GO4 APP should accept the false location and invite you to reset the WiFi settings. Wait for the WiFi to reboot and now you are in FCC mode. You can confirm this by looking at the WiFi channel allocation. On 2.4GHz you’ll have 11 channels instead of 13.

From now on every time you reboot your drone you’ll see the message about resetting WiFi, “CHOOSE CANCEL”. Accepting the message will revert your drone to CE spec’s.

If you want to permanently enable FCC there is software available. The easiest to use is Drone Hacks, though for many of the settings, including permanent FCC, there is a fee. There are other methods but if you’re not comfortable working with scripts in a terminal window there is a high risk of bricking your drone.

Hi thanks for this

But I can’t get the mock on the android phone
( in developer options) ?? Doesn’t state it there ??

Just one other mention : if there a firmware update on phone will that revert the GPS back to CE mode from FCC ?? ( that when I get into FCC mode )

Sorry : should of said in my first message
That I find developers options on android phone ,but GPS mock is not there … can’t find it … ??

It’s in “debugging” normally. Then fire up the fake GPS app and pick anywhere in the US

This what I have on this android phone
Developer options . Via settings
This just what I have … no mock GPS ??

Doesn’t look like the full developer menu. Have you tapped “build number” around 7 - 10 times to activate it?

Build number ? To be honest I haven’t seen it
Presume somewhere in the settings menu ?

Yes. Developer options isn’t enabled by default. In settings you should have “about phone” or similar. In there will be “build number”. If you tap it nothing happens. Keep tapping it. After around 7 taps you’ll get a message saying words to the effect of “developer mode enabled” or "developer options enabled’ - something like that anyway.

Full step by step

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Great. Thanks very much
I do it later … just doing my mock exams. UVAHUB
For CofC ( Mavic Air )