FCC Mode on iOS?

Ok lots of talk regarding FCC mode on the Mavic drones,

Been asked to start a new thread as I have the iPhone 7, sorry, and the FCC mode seems to need android app…

So Questions are…

  1. Is it really worth Doing

  2. IOS. How can I

Cheers Gang


Ive mot tried this myself as I no longer use IOS, I tried with another method and it was a right ball ache…

This looks a bit easier if it does work…


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Ok Ill give you the guide I used and you can decide yourself if its worth doing. You will be downgrading your IOS app version so will lose features added after that version.
Make sure to check regulations in country you intend to use it :wink: :wink:

Ok, first we need to start off by downgrading the app. Apple don’t make it easy so you will need to install an older version of iTunes and follow the guide on howto:iosrollback [dji.retroroms.info].

I use app version 4.1.3

If you have a newer iTunes account you will not be able to disable 2FA as described. The problem here is you wont be able to login to the older version of iTunes. Solution is to add the 2FA code they send you by SMS directly after your password.

When you’ve worked through the above guide and have an app version 4.1.12 or lower your ready to apply a config file.

Follow this guide howto:dji_configs [dji.retroroms.info] and use version FCC - 0.4W 2.4-2.475ghz

When you’ve done all that you can check you are in FCC mode using method in the other thread. How to tell if you are in CE or FCC power mode using GO4 - #9 by callum

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That looks much easier!!

Interested to hear from anyone who’s tried it and if it works or not.