Feature Request - Parking & TOAL locations

When adding a new location to Drone Scene, I always try to adding the location of my parking and TOAL, as I think will help others plan. Plus it demonstrates where I actually TOAL’d in case there are any restrictions in place, such as FRZs, NT boundaries, etc.

:question: Would it be feasible to add these as fields to the “Add Location” form :question:

  • Should it be just text boxes to copy the coordinates into
  • Should the accepted input be coordinates or What3words
  • Or does the user select the Parking/TOAL location from the map
  • How would these be displayed; text or markers on the map*

*when viewing a specific location only

Example: when select a post, it currently displays a map with a single pin for the location of the site. But what if it contained 2 further pins, one for parking and one for TOAL …


Sounds good, but I think parking location should be optional as not everyone drives.


Yes, I am not suggesting that either fields are mandatory.

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A personal preference would be for TOAL in what3word format. I’m not too interested in the parking locations as I tend to use Google maps before visiting an area and am prepared to walk to a TOAL location with drone gear in a back pack.

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Any pins added would have both Google Maps and W3W links, as the current pin has.


Hello I’m new to this club and probably a stupid question what is TOAL pls

Take Off and Landing

And welcome to GADC! :wave:

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Thank w new it would be something simple

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