Feature Request - Suggested places to fly on a particularly route

As I drive a lot for my Job I sometimes have to travel long distance and today I got sent to leeds and once I’d finished my Job I looked at drone scene for places to grab a quick flight on my way home. As it transpired as soon as I opened drone scene it started to rain :man_facepalming:t2:

But on my drive back I thought it would be pretty damn cool if you could say put in 2 post codes and based on the locations already added on the map it could suggest places not to far off the route between the two points.

Or give you a list of places between point A and point B.

Sort of like a drone route planner.

Not sure how difficult this would be, but would be a fantastic addition to the site.


As the crow flies?

Or as you’d drive by car?

How many miles apart would these postcodes be?

How many different route options would there be? :thinking:

Would you also filter it by type? (Eg. Castles) or just show everything that’s along the route?

I probably have more questions :blush:

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How do we know which route you’re taking? :thinking:

Yeah. I definitely have more questions :slight_smile:


So using my trip to leeds today for an example,

I finish up in Leeds and plan to drive home before setting off I open up drone scene to check for places to fly.

I could use my current location as my A point and then use my home address as my B point. And drone scene would then suggest places to fly along my route home as potential stop off locations. So I guess that would be as the car drives not as the crow flies.

Being able to filter by location type as well would be a cool option.

Yeah not sure it would be possible without drone scene being able to be used like a satnav. :thinking:

Unless you could maybe draw like a tunnel from point A to point B on the map and any locations captured in the drawn line the locations coordinates are exported to google maps and you can arange them into a route maybe :thinking:

I think it’s nice idea, and I for one would benefit from such a feature. But equally appreciate the effort to implement something like this. As far as I can tell, Drone Scene uses Reverse Geocoding, taking a place or address inputted by the user, which is turned into coordinates and located on the map.

What you are suggesting is adding Routing, which is a whole different ball game. At basic level, this allows software to understand “what is a road”, whether it single or multi-lane, one or two way, roundabouts, exits, private or public, free or toll, speed limits, hazards, road closures, etc, etc, etc. Without Routing, the road is just a polyline on a map - and the app would have no context or understanding of navigating from A to B.

I have written multiple In Car navigation apps over the years (Java and also C#). Reversing Geocoding is relatively simple in comparison to Routing. Mind you, Drone Scene does use mapbox. And I have been using their Routing api for many years (recently updated to Navigation 2.0). That said, I can already see Rich face-palming over the work involved in implementing such a request :wink:

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Never said it was going to be an easy request lol

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Is that a volunteer I see? :laughing:

If it were as the crow flies, with a search area of say 10 miles off that straight line, it would probably cater for most journeys? That is of course unless you have a habit of taking the scenic route over the direct route :rofl:

When I read that I thought about my drive from Morecambe to Anglesey in a few weeks and the 10 deep wet miles either side of that direct line. How about extending the ruler functionality of DS to draw a series of lines with DS listing places 10 (or a selectable number of) miles either side of the lines.

In the Anglesey example, that’d roughly be Morecambe to Lymm, Lymm to Chester, Chester to Anglesey.