February Sunset - Partington and Manchester Ship Canal

Stunning sunset last night, got the drone up for a quick capture over the ship canal…

Can see Helsby hill and Fiddlers Ferry Power Station in the distance - if you have a large enough screen!


Huh, you were in my neck of the woods… sadly, I was in Macclesfield and when I walked out of the Leisure Centre and saw the stunning sky, me and the kids were all “why didn’t you bring the drone! We could have had a stunning photo!” :smiling_face_with_tear:

Glad you were able to capture this! Fantastic shot!

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Thanks, I live in Partington, so my neck of the woods too… Was a stunning sunset…

For a place in the middle of nowhere, there are a surprising number of people local or visit!

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A really good short and sweet sun set video … :smiley: :+1:

How do you achieve the edit effect at 0:33?

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Da Vinci Resolve, fly the drone forwards, but do a zoom out on the footage, makes the sky appear to be moving differently to the land…

Thanks, will have a play at that one… :+1:

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