Few From St Joseph’s Upholland this morning

Went from ND4 to ND 8 wish I had put the 16 on now sun was so bright fly & Learn


You don’t need ND filters for photos Mark :blush:


God, what do I know prize knob! I do video and pics should I just decide what I’m going to do One or the other you learn something new everyday, what about the blinding sun?

For really bright conditions with sun in shot I usually do a 3 or 5 shot AEB.

Drone cameras dont really have the dynamic range to get it all in one go.

Only filter I use for photos is a ND4PL or PL. Sometimes that works well and cuts down some of the haze.

I just turn the EV dial down :blush:

The filters are usually used in video footage to get the correct shutter speed to show acceptable motion blur.
In still photography it is much the same, it is used to reduce the shutter speed.


I.e to make it look more real and less video game

A handy ref table


Maybe this is why some of us set filters and shutter settings to suit the video and then extract the stills we want from the 4K video, in post editing.
Works for me :slightly_smiling_face:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:


But they can help.