Filey Brig. Great little spot for flying


Love that! Great job! Some Beautiful colours captured. :ok_hand:

I was there 2 weeks ago staying in a camper with my M2P specifically to try and capture something for the Golden hour Mixed theme, but due to the winds my M2P remained grounded. So missed out :-1:

I’m liking this … a LOT!

Most specifically, brilliant use of the Zoom! @ 1:25 (changing zoom), and I believe @ 4:25 (foreshortening).

Anyway … this is also earns you the Coastal Flyer Badge! :+1:

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Very very nice, could

almost be an advert for Filey tourist board. I started my Railway career at Filey signalbox almost 25 years ago and forget what a lovely place to fly it is, as long as the seagulls keep away.

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Parking dude is a bit keen though, not the drone friendliest of chaps either.

‘Cant take off from there’ he said, I crossed the boundary 2M away and he was fine (ish)

Thanks Sunstone we loved it although we didn’t stay on the Brig we was in the tourer in a site called Centenary camping and caravan park at the other side of Filey. Lovely little it was too.

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Thank you very much matey, I do try to make use of the Zoom. I wish it had more speed adjustment like the gimble though that would be awesome to be able to slow it down. And thanks for the badge too.:+1:


Great Video Frank ! ,Great composition, very good change of scenes,
and as Dave has said great use of the Mavic 2 Zoom function.
Must get to Filey, never been there, yet.
As Brian said, would make great tourist “Come To Filey” video.

Thank you very much Chris. I haven’t been to Filey for years and I couldn’t even remember what it looked like but we will be back again pretty soon I think👍

Thanks Brian :+1:I went over that crossing a few times but I think the barriers have been updated now. Loved it just enough to keep the grandkids happy without being bombarded with slot machines and things as well. Going back soon.

The signalbox was demolished and replaced with CCTV barriers controlled from Seamer near Scarborough

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Does the M2Z not have the same hidden feature of the Inspire where you can hold the C2 button and use the left wheel to control the zoom (and therefore the speed)?

It has its own wheel or you can control on screen by sliding your finger but difficult to keep slow and stops and starts a little too sudden

Give the man a Spark and he takes it to the next level … Give him a M2z and he blasts it … Good show Frank …

Thank you Shane, I’ve got some more footage to add to it yet hopefully take it to the end of the song to finish it off better :+1:

Why the hell didn’t DJI put a Zoom speed control into the Go4 App, bloody ridiculous !.
One of the reasons I got the Pro !.
Mind you, even if the App were to have it, the motor would have to be variable speed on the lens for it to be able to work.

It is variable speed but hard to keep smooth with the wheel, would be so much better if you could slow down maximum speed.

Hi mate I’ve been re-editing my Filey video to include some good sunset shots and to last to the end of the sound track. I have altered the render settings to try and get the best quality by turning up the target bit rate and the maximum bit rate but this has made the finished video a huge 5g… How do you know the best bit rate to set in order to get the best quality.? Cheers mate