Filmora 9 - Caution Advised

I’ve been using Filmora 9 with a standard subscription to Filmstock for about 4 months now and it’s been fine as a beginners video editing tool up until this morning when it wouldn’t let me download and use any effects, packs, transitions etc or any of the ones already downloaded and installed. Kept on asking me to login to my account over and over again. Long story short. 60 minutes spent in live chat to ‘Vanessa’ in China, two software re-installs and an account reset at their end I was asked to download Team Viewer and allow one of their technicians to connect to my computer to try and see why it wouldn’t work. In order to do this she said I’d have to give them my login and password details! Not the team viewer ones as that doesn’t require them to have any, just a connection code. They wanted my Mac security pasword.

Yeah, you can imagine my thoughts on this. So, Wondershare Filmora account cancelled and subscription to Filmstock cancelled. Filmora is used by millions across the world. I wonder how many have had this happen to them and allowed them free access to their computer?
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If you do use Filmora do so with caution. I’ve now moved over to DaVinci Resolve 16.

And on that topic. Anyone know the best place titles, transitions etc etc.



Fair play to you for not allowing! I know a few people that’s done this remote access and all sorts taken from them including bank detail.

You won’t be disappointed moving to DR16 its a great platform.

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Are you sure they didn’t want your TeamViewer ID and password?

It generates a random password for each remote connection which is then reset when disconnected.


We use TeamViewer to support all our farmers remotely too (guys/gals in the office even talk them through the installation process over the phone). We don’t need any personal logins or computer passwords, just the TVID as Callum mentions there.

They wouldn’t have needed any Mac account details as you’d have already been logged in to the computer :thinking:

Thanks guys. I didn’t know that. As soon as I read what she put I read it differently. Perhaps I was being over cautious not ever having used Team Viewer before. I use Any Desk a lot at work between departments but I’m very wary of connections to my home PC.

It was a lot of agro anyway and now I’m on DR and I’m liking it a lot more.


I’m use filmora9 mate and after reading this I’ve just checked mine and its running and working all well and good mate

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Good to hear Storm. Mine was until this morning and then went Pete Tong and 60 minutes of this and that and then the request to access my computer from China was probably what flipped my ‘caution’ switch on. I probably overacted but hey ho, getting my head around Davinci Resolve now.

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Mine has being doing this for a couple of months, so i too moved to DR16 no going back.


Many scammers will get you to download and install TeamViewer if you don’t have it in order to remove non existent alleged virus issues they miraculously discovered from afar and then use the connection to place a virus. I had a close friend who was contacted by scammers a couple of years back claiming they were MI6 and his PC was being used as BOT and a threat to national security. He let them on by installing TV for them and then they installed ransomware.
I removed and repaired his Pc same day and the following day the cheeky b******* rang him again because he hadn’t got back to them and they said MI6 were going to call again to remotely “cure” his PC. He read them my prepared script which was all of 2 words and put the phone down.
Supplied all details and phone numbers to police who were not interested.

You might enjoy Jim Browning’s YouTube channel :wink:

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@JoeC I’ve watched a few of his. Hilarious some of them when the scammers realise they’ve lost all their files.

At the end of the day regardless of the ID and password they wanted there’s just no way on this earth I’d let someone I didn’t know have access to my computer, especially ‘Vanessa’ from China :smiley: