Final Cut Pro X £299 😳

Final Cut Pro X £299

Guys iv just purchased an imac and like some editing software onit. But £299 is abit steep ! What software you guys using

It’s actually not a bad price compared to Adobe’s creative cloud pricing. Benefit of FCPX is it’s designed to run well on Apple systems.

You could use the free version of Davinci Resolve which a lot of people are happy with.

Mac user here and yes its very worth it, however iMovie is free and has lots of features if you’re new to Mac take a look at that the step to FCPX is a smaller one once you have mastered iMovie (which is very intuitive, and there are lots of youtube tutorials and the reddit sub is very good).

If you need any help give me a shout.


It is the great advantage of the computer manufacturer writing the software for their own machines ;o)


It’s years since I’ve used a mac, and I’ve never clapped eyes on FCP.

But I know that over several years it’s the only one that has exceptional rave reports and I can’t remember a bad word about it … other than the price.

It’s pretty much the de facto TV industry standard.

So - in conclusion - IF I could afford a Mac, I would also part with £300 for FCP without thinking about it one step further.


I used Mac iMovie. It’s a great peace of software, really easy to use… it gave me a nice finish as a novice…

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I use this for free, DaVinci Resolve 17 | Blackmagic Design
If you want to spend money on the pro version you can but this is more than enough for most.
Just read it through and decide for yourself.


The TFTV courses that run at work (Uni of York) are all FCPX based, the rigs they run are amazing, I’ll try dig out a photo

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I love Davinci Resolve - I love that it’s free and it’s pretty damned good.
Covers all I really need, too.

But if I wanted to push things further, as and when I have that much spare time, I’ll have to pay … and if I’m having to pay, then I’d rather pay for FCP … if I can stretch the prerequisite Mac. :wink:

I’ve been to Bournemouth and seen their stuff. What we tax payers (with no children benefitting from it) pay for! :open_mouth:


The facilities at work were mainly Greg Dykes legacy to York (he was chancellor, and a thoroughly good bloke).

It’s a long way since my days of BBC Acorns.

I don’t know how you could push things any further, you would have to tell me :thinking:

I keep selecting options that take me to the purchase page.


Yes please do mate

Ok guys i have a copy of FCPX for comparison purposes “cough” and spent the afternoon roughly 2.5 hrs and came up with this ok the editing needs a lot to be desired but will try and do a similar exercise with DaVinci tomorrow hopefully to see which is easier
al footage has been carried out at various meets and out with the wife (before the crash)
my iMac is 27" from 2011 and has 16 gig of memory some of the clips took a while to render as it does them in the background while working but it did it the preview was a little jerky while editing but i put that down to the machines age


As you can see i did get fed up towards the ending just threw clips in and didn’t colour grade them

one other thing for FCPX needs motion and compressor which are extra
motion for titles and compressor for well compressing

Only needs motion for the very fancy titles, all others can be done in FCPX.

Compressor again isn’t essential as the best way to save is a master file (after you have shared to YouTube or where ever)

If you do need these 2, ‘evaluation’ versions are available :kissing:

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Shiny new iMac time me thinks