Finally Got Some Flights Logged - Flintshire, Wales

I finally got some flying time on Sunday afternoon, first time since the beginning of September (other than a very brief night flight to test out strobe.)

Then today got a few more flights in after the snow overnight. Eventually had to stop because it started snowing again.

Here a a couple of photos from my location in Flintshire, Wales.


And here is a flight of the snow two days ago. Just about to go out and fly some more. :slight_smile:


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So …

… rather than …

[Flintshire | Wales | First Snow Flight of 2023 - YouTube](

Here is a second snow flight taken on Thursday, still some left for another flight today. :slight_smile:


Third, and probably last, snow flight yesterday. There is just patches of ice left now, will need another snow fall before any more snow flights.

Last year I managed 21 flights during the 6 months I had my drone, in the last 7 days I have already logged 8 flights this year. :smiley:


Added your location to the title, makes it more interesting in the list of topics.

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