Finally Got Some Flights Logged - Flintshire, Wales

I finally got some flying time on Sunday afternoon, first time since the beginning of September (other than a very brief night flight to test out strobe.)

Then today got a few more flights in after the snow overnight. Eventually had to stop because it started snowing again.

Here a a couple of photos from my location in Flintshire, Wales.


And here is a flight of the snow two days ago. Just about to go out and fly some more. :slight_smile:


Also - for the embedded player - you need to paste just the URL.

I’ve edited your post.

So …

… rather than …

[Flintshire | Wales | First Snow Flight of 2023 - YouTube](

Here is a second snow flight taken on Thursday, still some left for another flight today. :slight_smile:


Third, and probably last, snow flight yesterday. There is just patches of ice left now, will need another snow fall before any more snow flights.

Last year I managed 21 flights during the 6 months I had my drone, in the last 7 days I have already logged 8 flights this year. :smiley:


Added your location to the title, makes it more interesting in the list of topics.

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Just got an A4 matted print of this; my Dad is well impressed. It looks even better than on (my) computer. :smiley:


Since the snow started early this morning this video on my YouTube has received 24,600 views in the last 12 hours?!?!?

The snow hasn’t stopped all morning to get the drones up today. :smiley:

Fly in the snow … My little hamlet beset with snow ?


I would … it there was as much as a single flake to chase around the garden … :thinking: … even in the middle of an FRZ! :rofl:

Have you thought of adding some background music and maybe shorten them a bit to create more impact?

Thought about it, not got around to it yet; I’m complete beginner when it comes to video.

Just my opinion, but at the moment you have a 14minute silent movie, it could be edited down by cutting out all the best bits, add some copyright free music and create a 3 to 5 minute short film. Check out You Tube to learn some basic editing :+1:

I’m trying to work out how to use VideoPad editor, I’m fine at joining clips together but still trying to work otu to cut parts out. :slight_smile:

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That’s the hard part, deciding what makes the grade. You don’t need to show your viewers everything, like taking off, landing etc. take out all of the sudden movements too, or manoeuvres that maybe didn’t really work. Once you’ve done that what you have left is the good footage which you then pick the very best of. Try to keep each video clip to 5-10secs. Your 14 mins then becomes 3 minutes, then add some music, titles etc. Do a search on here, there are threads on editing, where to find music etc. One worth checking out is our very own Eric Matyas -

I actually mean how to cut out bits, mostly when I’ve tried whole chunks in addition to what I want to remove dissapear from the timeline. I’m working on it.

Every time I think the snow is stopping today, before I get my kit out it starts up again!!!


Haha… thanks for the advice. Re:posting :+1: