Fintry Falls

Headed back over to loop of Fintry to see if the water level was up, which it was :+1:


Stunning :heart_eyes:

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Thanks, a bit windy but managed to get a shot lol

It’s one of those photos that drag you in.
Do you know the shutter speed used?

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Lovely picture. It’s hard to tell the scale of those falls though. I shall be googling them!

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Yeah, it’s quite Epic really! 1/8 second mate. Cheers

Thanks! I’m just working on a video. Heres a link to the video I done last month, not a lot of water compared to yesterday but still impressive.



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Very nice. Now I see how big they are too. Must be lovely when flowing full tilt!

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Great images of the waterfall … love the ‘slo-mo’ movement of tge water :slight_smile:


Thanks Teejay

Yeah , I’ll be heading over mid winter, sure it will be completely different!

Thanks Biggar!!!

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