Fire at Metal Recycling Plant, Kingsbury North Warwickshire

YouTube (might have to come back later for higher bitrate versions to finish processing)


So now I know what it feels like to get hounded by the media. Pics already being used Birmingham Live, and have given BBC and SWNS (whoever they are) permission to use footage. Unlikely to get the attention of nationals, but would take great pleasure in telling the sun to f**k off.

So how much have you made from it ?

It’s hardly Prince Andrew running through a field of wheat.

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Excellent, are you available next week to decorate my kitchen

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hopefully you got money from it :slight_smile:


I went up on my own occord. No one asked me to go up. I shared my footage beforehand. Not everyone wants money for everything. I have plenty. I don’t need more. It’s a local news story worth 30 seconds of peoples time. Less than that if you’re not local and don’t care. Nothing more.

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Great footage. Not far from me too. Just seen some of these images pop up in the Birmingham Mail page too :+1:

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Commendable take on things Ade.

Somebody else going bankrupt in the New Year?

I live only 1 mile from that yet couldn’t see it with all the fog. Great video.

Just out of interest; South West News Service (SWNS) is a British news agency, supplying editorial copy, pictures and video to national and international clients.

Don’t suppose anyone knows how to get hold of ITV local news from today? Was only a short bulletin around 16:45. Would be the central news

ITV hub ?

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Don’t seem to have the actual tv broadcast in catch up. Just they proper name checked and mums proud! :joy:


So she should be you’ve been on the telly! well your footage has.
What started the blaze or was it spontaneous whatsit.

Quite possibly a battery, a regular occurrence at all types of recycling plants. Someone can’t be bothered disposing of their batteries correctly, they go in a machine for crushing and go nuclear.

As joe said most likely a battery. Sadly the local news teams all lose interest after several days so none of the articles have been updated with the cause.

One of my local social buddies also a firemen sent me some on the scene footage from his camera although because there’s is emergency services chitter chatter also on the video who asked I don’t share. I’ll see if I can edit out the audio later as the ground footage is a real eye opener.

Thanks Joe.
Thought you may be local to the fire Joe … my sister used to live near you at Cargil and her son lives in Meigle.
Small world and all that.

Thanks Ade, would be interested in seeing the footage when you sort it out.
Looks a better day for a fly around.