Firehouse Arc V strobes in the UK

Does anyone know how to get the Firehouse Arc V strobes here in the UK? It seams they won’t ship to the UK due to taxes & red tape.
Any suggestions?


Why those and not Strobons? :thinking:

Intensity. I was out yesterday & found my strobon cree’s wearing as noticeable when I was flying 15-20m lower than I’d set off. I run 4 on the rear arms facing forward & back. I was only @ 350m away & have flown a lot further in the past. Only 1 other 20 min flight so thinking there loosing power/strength & looking to replace.
The firehouse has 5 ‘lens on’ creee’s & I remember seeing this video on YT

The V is supposed to be better than the II

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My Strobon are as good as the day I got them - some 3 years ago.


I like you have tried to get them but seems impossible in the uk , you either need a friend who lives in the US or is going on holiday

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:raising_hand_man:t4: August next year any good? :joy:

I cannot endorse these as I have never used them, but have you looked at either or Aramex. Both are companies who let you buy stuff in the US send to a warehouse in the US and then ship it to you.


I’d start by tagging some current members who own them and see how they bought them.

@Manty @Photobird @ChrisP

Maybe more, I didn’t spend more than 30 seconds searching.

Have also moved your post to the #questions-and-answers category.

I have a small business that’s unrelated to Drones & / or electronics but I was chatting with Firehouse & they’re looking for a UK re-seller that fits the following;
“ *We are looking for someone that already has open ecommerce channle on the platfroms we indicated, as well as a presence in the Drone / UAS field. The bestsellers are the Arc V strobe, followed by the Orginal Arc Strobe. We do have pricing that disounts both models for resellers”
Anyone in here has an online market specific business?

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Same as @OzoneVibe - I got mine direct from Firehouse and got them to send them to who then forwarded them to me. Expensive, but worked well.

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Don’t want them to cost ridiculous amounts. I’m willing to import significant stock but don’t have the right platform.

Happy to work with the Greyarrows admin team if there’s a mutual benefit :wink:


I love optimism :grin::grin::grin:

Always optimistic me :grin::wink:
If you don’t ask you don’t get & you’ll never know.

Aren’t all UAV RP’s optimistic by nature hoping that nothing dire happens to our pride & joys out in the big world (especially over water :rofl:)

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A year later and is there any progress on this?

Would quite like a couple of firehouse strobes but definitely not enough to pay exorbitant international shipping and duty or reshipper fees.

Are any of the firehouse strobes available in the UK?

No further down the line :flushed:
Not sure wether admin saw that I was looking to work with them on this to use here as a sales platform. Lol

There are arc V on amazon uk, £38 each with next day delivery


Thanks saw that. Same seller on eBay. Unfortunately he doesn’t have any red.

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