Firehouse Arc V strobes in the UK

Does anyone know how to get the Firehouse Arc V strobes here in the UK? It seams they won’t ship to the UK due to taxes & red tape.
Any suggestions?

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Why those and not Strobons? :thinking:

Intensity. I was out yesterday & found my strobon cree’s wearing as noticeable when I was flying 15-20m lower than I’d set off. I run 4 on the rear arms facing forward & back. I was only @ 350m away & have flown a lot further in the past. Only 1 other 20 min flight so thinking there loosing power/strength & looking to replace.
The firehouse has 5 ‘lens on’ creee’s & I remember seeing this video on YT

The V is supposed to be better than the II

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My Strobon are as good as the day I got them - some 3 years ago.


I like you have tried to get them but seems impossible in the uk , you either need a friend who lives in the US or is going on holiday

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:raising_hand_man:t4: August next year any good? :joy:

I cannot endorse these as I have never used them, but have you looked at either or Aramex. Both are companies who let you buy stuff in the US send to a warehouse in the US and then ship it to you.


I’d start by tagging some current members who own them and see how they bought them.

@Manty @Photobird @ChrisP

Maybe more, I didn’t spend more than 30 seconds searching.

Have also moved your post to the #questions-and-answers category.

I have a small business that’s unrelated to Drones & / or electronics but I was chatting with Firehouse & they’re looking for a UK re-seller that fits the following;
“ *We are looking for someone that already has open ecommerce channle on the platfroms we indicated, as well as a presence in the Drone / UAS field. The bestsellers are the Arc V strobe, followed by the Orginal Arc Strobe. We do have pricing that disounts both models for resellers”
Anyone in here has an online market specific business?

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Same as @OzoneVibe - I got mine direct from Firehouse and got them to send them to who then forwarded them to me. Expensive, but worked well.

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Don’t want them to cost ridiculous amounts. I’m willing to import significant stock but don’t have the right platform.

Happy to work with the Greyarrows admin team if there’s a mutual benefit :wink:

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I love optimism :grin::grin::grin:

Always optimistic me :grin::wink:
If you don’t ask you don’t get & you’ll never know.

Aren’t all UAV RP’s optimistic by nature hoping that nothing dire happens to our pride & joys out in the big world (especially over water :rofl:)

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