Firework display

I took the MP out last night for the local firework display and also took my new Tasman DR-05 sound recorder to see if what the quality of it was like. I took off about 800 meters away from the display and had the sound recorder resting on my bag pointing towards the display and flew about 400m away from the fireworks.

The display lasted about 25 minutes and managed to capture 22 minutes of it before the having to land due to it starting to rain. I was gutted I missed the finale as that’s when they set of the big boy’s. I had to ditch the last few minutes of video as the low battery beep was sounding and the sound recorder picked it all up.

All in all I’m impressed with the quality of the sound and think it adds a little something to the what would be silent drone video. Only thing though it was a right pain in the arse timing the bangs with the video but I think it came out OK. I have edited it down to 6 minuets as 20 odd minuets is far to long for a video.


Good job with the sound synching. Did you do that by hand?


Very nice Grahame :+1:

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Top tip: How to turn off the RC Beeping on RTH and Low Battery :+1:t2:


Agreed, great job!

The Firework Flyer badge is currently winging its way to your profile :smiley:

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Unlike the couple of eejits at the Swansea firework show - flying less than 50m over the top of the crowd and up and down the beach area…

Nice job on the vid though.

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Thanks all, @tgcumbria a lot of playing back and forward and sliding the sound track in the editing timeline to match it up with the video. I know that you see the fireworks a split second before hearing the bang in real time but when I done this in the vid it looked wrong so I just timed it to show and hear at the same time for the video.


Great vid - and the sound sync was the first thing I noticed. Bloody excellent! :+1:

Just two things …. being really picky ….

  1. The focus doesn’t seem to be spot on … a difficult thing to achieve at night I’ve found myself, especially using smaller screens.
    In a recent thread I mentioned that I was thinking about getting a large (VERY cheap!) tablet - and specifically for focusing more accurately at night was the only reason to possibly get one. Being night time, screen brightness is not important … so really cheap should be fine.

  2. Sound - yes - bloody good sync and really creates a superb atmosphere …. but with distance the higher frequencies fade first.
    Depending on what audio editing software you use (or the excellent built in Fairlight in DaVinci Resolve), if you lift the higher frequencies - to bring out that typical firework crackle a bit more - and probably lower the mid range a little, too.
    Once you get the overall crackle sounds coming through you might then find lifting the lowest frequencies to boost the “boom” sounds improves it further.
    But I’ve found it’s the crackles that needs to be a little dominant to give the illusion of being closer to the action.

As I say - being really picky here … especially on the audio side which will be subjective at all times.

I don’t have a decent sound recorder for Saturday when I hope to get some firework shots …. which is now bugging me. I’ll see what my phone can pick up and try applying some of the above.

I’m going to mess around with the Tascam and the audio settings in Magix to see what they are both capable of but I must admit the original sound out of the Tascam is a lot better than I expected so like you said with a bit of sliding the graphic equaliser I think it will be a good little recorder :+1:

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Really look forward to “Fireworks II - The Sequel” :wink:

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I wonder if I should get someone closer to my display to record audio? Might get the spectator “ooooo - aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh” :wink:


“Fireworks 2 - Rocket up the arse” coming to a cinema near you

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Nice job and likewise with the syncing .

This is what i use for my recordings out in the field .
Tascam DR 60 MKII . Fits nice under the DSLR and also great on it’s own .
You still did a great job …

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I may skip Saturday’s fireworks, I think … ???

Suck it and see, forcast was bad for mine but was ready to go anyway and it paid off.

Too many different forecast models are all agreeing on this one.

Thanks @shane9377 I did a bit research when I was thinking about a recorder and Tascam seemed to be a good make and the DR-05 was the the best choice for my needs and funds. A film maker came to my work a few months ago to make a promotion film for us and he said that his Tascam was spot on.

Great work. Adding sound just makes it all that better. Well done.