Firmware, AIO controller and RX protocol(s)


I trying to understand the relationship between firmware version, All in one controllers (AIO) and RX protocols

For example:-

Is currently an ELRS version.

Could I (via betaflight) flash new firmware and then have it working as a 75 Frsky ?
Or is the rx protocol link to specific hardware.

Hi, to be honest I highly doubt that an FC with ELRS RX can become FRSKY or vice versa. In my undetstanding ELRS vs FRSKY is totally different hardware.

Yeah the radio RX can’t be changed (can be upgraded on lost, ELRS on serial yes, on SPI harder but through BF).

The betaflight (or inav, ardupilot or is it quicksilver) is the flying firmware. It’ll speak lots of RX languages but the RX protocol can’t be changed …

(However ELRS was flashable to a certain kind of old hardware).

What you can do (and I did on one) is add an ELRS RX to a serial port on a FRSky flight controller, use that and disable the on board AIO Radio.

Do you not have an ELRS transmitter yet?

The RX protocol is specific to the reciver so for instance the model you linked to. You could buy an FRSky receiver and solder it onto the flight controllers spare UART and then configure that UART to be serial RX in betaflight.

Thats if you really wanted to downgrade the model.

personally, I’d just get yourself an ELRS radio or install an ELRS module into the JR bay of your existing radio if it supports it.

Exactly this. ELRS or crossfire the best two, flysky, FRSky etc bottom. Upgrade your tx! The radiomaster pocket looks a cool little entry level one. Though I like having the 4 in 1 module on my tx16s and then the add-on ELRS module. Means can bind to anything. Tbh only crossfire I don’t have heh

Yes. This is the best option.

Looking at something like - Radiomaster Zorro (4in1) | HobbyRC UK & ELRS ES24TX Slim Pro TX Module | HobbyRC UK (If this fits)

Gaming pad style TX