Firmware corruption when resource mapping

I have a matek F4 and I was trying to remap the motors and everytime I unmapped a resource and pressed save the FC was “bricked” and had to be DFU’d and reset. I didn’t try freeing them and immediately setting to the correct resource pin then using save, but wondered if this has happened to anyone else?


It was ok when remapped some for soft serial btw

I’m not that clued up on it, but some resources share the same timer I think, so certain ones can’t be moved around to certain functions? DMA timers or something like that.

Hmmm. I couldn’t be bothered to try unmap and remap before save which may prove your point. Was doing 1 or 2 motors at a time save and then was going to re assign. If get a chance might try that. But this time I just physically moved the motors and made sure board was rotated eight and gyro settings adjusted accordingly. Cheers