Firmware update regularity?

Quick one guys, how often do you guys check for updates. Is it something I should be doing before every flight or periodically?

Most manufacturers apps check for updates each time you launch their app.

It’s not something you ever need to worry about unless you’re part of a beta programme, or you’re flying self-builds.


Remember updates cause problems, wait a week or 2 at least before updating :+1:


Ah ok, thanks for that👍🏼

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Good shout that👍🏼 sensible to wait as with updates on everything. Thanks fella.


If its working don’t update, unless it has a new feature that you’re really interested in :+1:t2:


Join the beta programme and start trying to prompt updates as soon as they’re rumoured.

If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space. :slight_smile:

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Take notice of what Wayne has posted. Updates are all well an good, but wait a couple of weeks to find out any issues.

Besides, take a look at what’s on offer from the update, do you need the update? If no, then don’t update. If your happy with your drone, leave it as it is​:+1::grin:


No thanks, I like to control what I can and can’t do with my drone


Most DJI firmware updates are to stop the reverse-engineering exploits :scream:

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My background is in product management, so I’m used to installing daily builds of software, months from release.

By the time most firmware is released, it’s been tested to death - and the most important bit is usually unheralded bug-fixes, not shiny new features.

Waiting is entirely sensible - “The best thing about cloud-based apps is that you get the updates automatically without having to do the upgrade. And the worst thing about cloud-basd apps is that you get the updates automatically…” - but it’s not something I am constitutionally able to do.

Never a truer word :clap:t2:

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I can’t disagree more, DJI constantly have issues with firmware and app updates and its obvious that it’s not tested properly

As for nightly builds that’s another bone of contention

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Last year when the M3p was first released there was no end of issues with updates for the first 3 months or so. From range to maps

I never had an issue, because I didn’t jump onto updates as soon as. It was August before I updated.

Each to his own beliefs, but I’ll carry on doing the same. It’s not just drones but anything, Windows, Android etc. :+1:


Will do Ady, being a complete newbie to drones I will take on board any advice offered.:+1:t3:

I have to turn wifi on the DJI RC controller before checking for updates. Why can’t DJI just have it turned off whilst flying, but automatically turn on again once the flight is over ?


If it was, they’d not have had a version totally withdrawn, warnings not to use, instructions how to roll back - some years ago.

Also - if it was so well tested they’d have fixed everything and not need updates that weren’t for new feature additions.


Yeah… that’s not how software works…

Oh yeah, and perhaps two out of every 50 flights result in a flyaway…. Yeah, been tested to death. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Not in the DJI World. Firmware testing is done by the users, and if issues are found then a new firmware is released if it’s a simple change of a few lines of code. If the issue is more severe the firmware is redacted.

It’s also worth noting that DJI very rarely issue release notes with Firmware updates other than “improves stability” which is just generic term for “none of your business”. It has been shown that DJI have released significant changes under such caveats which usually restrict the use of the product in some way, usually to prevent the removal of the region lock and FlySafe database, the latter of which has no place on any of my drones.

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