First attempt to 360 Leighton Buzzard

Here is my first attempt to a 360 pano on my MA2.

Got woken up early to see that was supposed to be foggy. I managed to get early and got to have a little fly before my shift.

I hope you like it.


Looks good! :+1: It also adds the Bird’s Eye Viewer Badge to your profile!

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Thank you. Glad you like it.

Very nice, don’t know why but I always imagined LB to massively built up, ignorant northerner that I am.

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Thank you @milkmanchris, it doesn’t have high rising buildings, but it can be a bit built up, but it has some very nice areas. I’m just on the outskirts and I love it here. I’ve been in way worst places :wink:

(To be fair, I had the same thoughts about the place until I came here)

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Great 360. If you get a moment adding it to Dronescene would be helpful :slight_smile:

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First day for two things!!

I though it would be more difficult.

Good thing you remind me of it.

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No it’s easy enough and adding to the map helps other people who are looking for places to fly. You also pick up a badge for adding 3, 10 or 25 locations :slight_smile:


Great job @Mind_the_gap it still amazes me when I take a Pano and watch the Mavic just spin around by itself taking all the pictures. Amazing piece of kit :grin:

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Thank you very much, but @SirGunner, you are spot on. “Amazing pice of kit”. No much input from me, to be honest.
I used to love the previos mavic air, this one is massively improve. Mainly the flying time. Today I did something that I would never attempt on the old one. To fly with 60% of the battery.

You stop flying at 60%??

Nooo, I meant that with my old Mavic air, if the batteries were not full, I would not be comfortable flying. For when it booted up, hooked onto the controller, got GPS signal I would start to see those precious minutes of flying time vanishing.

The MA had 20 min flight time. With 60% remaining and landing at 15%, you have 45% usable = 9 mins. There’s so much you can do in 9 minutes!

Until the props are spinning and you’re in the air, they use almost no power.

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You probably are right. I guess I am Mr safe. Also, wind does take a massive part on the equation.
Today I’ve been a total rebel :joy:

The other way of looking at it, you just flew from 100% to 60% = 40% used. So if you did the same flight again you’d have 20% left. :wink:

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20 minutes on paper maybe.

I have six batteries for my Mavic Air, all around the 45 flight mark and they tend to allow a comfortable 13 minutes 100% to 30% landing,

My longest flight was 17minutes and 45 seconds - 30% reached at the 13minute 14 second mark from a 99% full start. The rest of the time was spent hovering and manouvres close to home (and over land, not water) as I wanted to fully discharge the battery before recharging

So yes, theoretically around 20 minutes but practically and leaving a reserve of power in case of problems fighting a headwind or a problem at the landing site 13 minutes is reality.

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The being able to repeat the previous flight and still have 20% still holds, though.

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I don’t usually do “short flights”. I usually fly until I have about 30% and then start returning. I just fly for the fun of it, so I don’t usually plan what I want to take photos or record, so most of the flight time is finding what looks nice to shoot it. Then, because the controller used to lose connectivity, if I was doing a video, I would have to start again as the return home would of kick in.

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