First Drone Images

Whilst visiting or friends up’t north who own an estate agency any holiday cottage business, they asked me for some aerial imagery of some of their properties. With confidence and gusto, I took up the challenge and in some rather dodgy confined areas and wind limits I got some pretty good pictures. Oh btw, I am in no way a professional photographer or had any training so I am just making it up as I go along. Hopefully these will upload so your thoughts are appreciated?


Top left I’ll take that one, were these taken with the Mini?

It certainly is. For a 12MP camera it is not that bad. Like I said, I have no photography experience and my PfCO licence is not going to be used for professional photography so I have no understanding of ISO settings etc. Happy to be indulged though :grin:


Unless poor light (or action photography) demands it shoot everything at ISO100.

Second, wander over to this recent thread which is about photography from a handheld camera but the shared principles are still the same and apply equally in the air as they do on land. @MementoMori also shared a link to 10 free photo courses which could help - didn’t look at the link myself :slight_smile:


Many thanks :ok_hand:

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A nice set of pictures.
As @stubbyd mentions there are some tips and courses out there, especially on YouTube that could add an extra dimension to your subject.
I would also ask your friends what they like about the properties and what positive feedback from these lets they have had and try to tailor your pics to this where you can. E.g If they have a beautiful garden then get a pic showing this with the property, or show it in its setting in the village etc.


I did some flying today over the village we was staying for our friends, I uploaded to Google picasa and didn’t think anything of it. I have just seen that google.sticked three of the images together to make this panoramic picture of the village. This was taken using the mavic mini at around 20m.


If some of the properties are in that pic and can be identified then that would be good.
Think of it as telling a story, the pano, overview etc is the beginning, nice shots showing the property from its best angles as the middle and then a couple of shots showing features of the property like garden, view from the bedroom etc. as the end.

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Thanks, he is now doing some brin storming on how to best use them. The problem is, he is up’t north on the Pennines and I live on the south coast. Ho hum🤔

Nice shots :+1::+1:

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Very well done Phil some good shots.

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That’s a very nice set of photos. :+1::blush: