First flight at night

Just attempted my first night flight. Scary stuff! Even with three strobes attached I was paranoid of losing track of it. Only flew for 10 mins and a max height of 5 metres. Be still my beating heart! I think I’ll try a twilight flight next time


Photos or it didn’t happen ;o)


I had my first night time flight the other night with my newly attached Flytron strobe. It was up along the top of a hill near where I live and was a real thrill how far it went and I could still see it!


You did better than me. I’m still learning to trust the ability of my drone (and me!)

The first few times flying at night are always a nervy situation,. just prepare.
good aircraft beacon lights are a must, imperative you can see from under side during flight.

would also recommend having a decent powerful head torch with adjustable beam , use it for take offs and landings if needed , be surprised how far one can illuminate the drone during night flight.

I generally do half dozen night flights a week, Nothing like it totally hooked. my 4 month mini 2 has clocked up some hefty km’s.

Carry out a daytime checks , flight path, get familiar with surroundings, remember it never looks or seems the same at night, a full observation of intended flight area, from take off to landing and safety areas for emergency.