First Flight for rorymax



Nothing exciting to be told here, do not get over enthused.

After 3 failed attempts to satisfactorily upgrade DGI GO4 to the latest version, I was eventually given permission to take off.

Very nervy, loved it, was afraid of getting too carried away so deferred further activity until tomorrow.

Adrenalin rush at my age…:joy:


Good stuff John.

I remember how nervous I was on my first flight.

Cracking day for it, where did you fly?


In my garden Callum :blush:


Wow,remember my first ever flight,i was an absolute wreck ,watching my £1000 plus investment taking off!:wink::wink::+1:


Thank you firefox8.


No probs,its always the first flight,than its gets better as your confidence grows in your bird,you learn to trust her…:+1::+1:


I’m sure my MP has nine lives. Its gone through 3 already .


Congrats on the maiden flight!! :smiley:


yep,very true,i almost lost my mp 2 in Cornwall,came back from over the sea,landed with %0 battery,and had to use sport mode because of the wind,if i had lost signal,it was game over…:hushed::hushed:.


You made me :sweat_smile: joe.k.

Keep em tight together always friend :wink:


“Gets better as your confidence grows with your bird “ … Touching !


Aww, shucks, PingSpike, I only just got it off the ground, less than 10 metres.

But thank you so much, means more than perhaps you will ever know my friend.

Ta again.


Did your battery survive getting that flat ?


I am losing touch with all the kind replys.

You are really a nice bunch on here, I don’t want to miss a ‘Thank You’ to anyone so,#



surprisingly it seems to be fine,but did fly that battery low and close,just to make sure,and all is well:+1::+1:


No, it did not joe.k, damned download took forever, basically outpaced a fully charged battery, not sure that was the sole reason for the slow update though.

Quite possibly the faults were at my end, sorry don’t really know,I’m a bit unsure about many aspects at the moment, so far I’m just happy that I appear to have got off the ground.

Ta mate,


I think I was off kilter and not quite addressing your issue… but I too have had update issues .


John,you are aware that there is a version of DJI assistant for mavic 2 ? I had the same problem,downloaded DJI assistant for mavic and everything worked like charm,and super quick:+1:


Exactly the same myself with my Mavic Pro back in the day :+1:
It gets much calmer :wink:
Trust The Tech!


LOL DTH mine was also with a mavic pro platinum!!