First Flight in a racing quad


Nice! That dvr is really clear. What’s your setup / build?

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Thanks! Been on Velocidrone a fair bit but was nervous as anything putting this up in the air! It’s an Emax Hawk Pro / Jumper T16 / Fatshark Attitude V5

Only been flying drones since lockdown!

Yeah the sims are not quite the real thing! The nerves… I know


That’s a brilliant start dude! We’re you flying in acro?

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I was in ACRO yes, I should have flicked to angle for the landing!

Landing is just a case of getting close to the ground and disarming! Your doing brilliantly


Hi Neil @Feathers

yer @notveryprettyboy will tell you all you need to know about landing :laughing: :laughing:

Well done, amazing for first flight in acro :clap: :clap:

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Just goes to show how beneficial some simulator time is if that’s your first flight in rate/acro.