First flight of my new drone at Horsfall Community Stadium, the pitch looks beautiful with the light snow dusting


Any clues as to where this is ?

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I bet Michael (Acoolfrood) knows?

Somewhere with light snow? :laughing:

Same place - without snow.


BPA a club with great history of Rugby and Football (zoomed in to take a closer look)

Ah that’ll be Horsfall community stadium then ( or so google tells me)

Yep, that’s the place. Bradford, West Yorkshire. Sorry all it’s my first post and was a bit light on detail :grin:


Not to worry. Got there in the end.

Welcome to the forum and great first picture

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What drone did you take the picture with Michael?

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Had many a school sports day there many many years ago.


A DJI mini 2. I’ve been putting off buying a good drone for years. I’ve had a couple of cheaper ones. The last I had was a potensic d85, but was disappointed by the camera and it also fell out of the sky for no reason one day. I lost trust in it after that.


Just got a mini 2 myself, very impressed with it so far. The quality you can get from such a small
drone is amazing.

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Can’t go far wrong with a mini 2

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