First Flight - Should Have Waited

Afternoon all,

Well, after waiting what seemed like weeks to get out and take my newly acquired Mini 2 on her maiden flight my usual impatience got the better of me and at 9am last Sunday I took myself over to Wat Tyler Park here in Essex and took her up. It was a dull and grey start to the day so the video shot isn’t all that with no filters and no post lightwork. Oh how I wish I’d waited four hours when the sun was shining brightly and you could see for miles. Lesson learned there :smiley:

I didn’t push it too far, nerves and apprehension were the order of the day. About 86m high and about 500m out That was enough to start with. Drained three batteries and got all of 2.5 mins of useful footage after editing :slight_smile: Still, first flight nerves banished and now soooooo looking forward to spring and summer.

Short video


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Not to bad

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I went out yesterday overcast and nothing in mind to shoot, just for the sake of flying. You don’t have to go flying to film. Just enjoy the peace.


not bad like the music

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Well done. Exciting first step!

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Like it and enjoyed the music.

Nice video but there’s a missing letter in ‘Country’ :grimacing:

Nice vid, plenty of opportunity to get more shots, enjoy flying the drone for now.
My local park has one of those fire basket things too. its very similar in fact, it just does not have the flags i dont think

Bugger and damn it. Didn’t notice that. What a plum!

I’ll have to edit and re-upload. Thanks :smiley:

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Nice smooth flying. Every flight is good practice. :+1:

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